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Why The Vancouver Police Department?

In the Province of British Columbia, policing positions exist with other municipal police agencies and the R.C.M.P.
However Vancouver is by far the largest urban police service. The City is renowned for its natural beauty and has world-class stature. It is the gateway to the Pacific Rim and has an enviable economic, geographic, and cultural environment. The City considers policing to be a priority and Vancouver police officers consistently lead their Canadian counterparts in terms of pay, training, equipment, opportunities, and effectiveness. The cosmopolitan character of the City contributes to Vancouver's uniqueness and presents a challenge for the Police Department in making the City friendly and safe. Given the size and demographics of Vancouver, many specialty services must be provided.

The following positions augment patrol:

  • Dog Squad
  • Youth Squad
  • Marine Squad
  • School Liaison
  • Crime Analysis
  • Crime Stoppers
  • Mounted Squad
  • Gang Crime Unit
  • Forensic Identification
  • Police/Social Worker Unit
  • Strike Force (Surveillance)
  • Planning / Research and Audit
  • Police/Mental Health Worker Unit

Secondments to agencies including:

  • the BC Police Academy,
  • the BC Police Commission,
    Proceeds of Crime Unit, and
    the Organized Crime Agency

Human Resources Section:

  • Recruiting
  • Career Development and Staff Planning
  • Training
  • Traffic (Motorcycle Squad and Accident Investigation)

Specialty Investigative Units such as:

  • Homicide
  • Robbery
  • Commercial Crime (Financial and Computer Crime)
  • Vice
  • Drug
  • Stolen Auto
  • Property Crime
  • Sexual Offence Squad
  • Criminal Intelligence Section
  • Domestic Violence and Criminal Harassment
  • Emergency Response Team (Special Weapons and Rescue)
  • Crime Prevention (Business Liaison, Block Watch, Personal Safety)
The Vancouver Police Department has been a lead innovator in Canadian law enforcement. We hired the first female officer, started the first Marine Squad, and were the first to introduce Mobile Data Terminals in police vehicles. In the policing world, we are leaders in computerized crime analysis, physical control tactics, and specific organised crime investigation strategies.
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